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Hundreds gather in Palma to denounce "tourism intensification"

Tuesday was World Tourism Day, and Palma was one of a number of cities in southern Europe where there was a demonstration "to denounce the impacts and consequences of tourism intensification after the pandemic and in the context of climate crisis". Some thirty groups in Mallorca created a human chain around the Consolat de Mar, the Balearic government's headquarters. Before forming the chain, the... Read More

27 Sep 2022 07:02:00

Former car-hire firm employee misappropriated 130,000 euros

A former car-hire firm employee can avoid going to prison for two years if he repays all of the money he misappropriated from his employer by November 27. In court in Palma on Tuesday, agreement was reached for the repayment of 131,181 euros that he stole from the company in August 2020. In July that year, he was taken on for a three-month trial period as coordinator of the company's insurance... Read More

27 Sep 2022 03:14:00

Mallorca to lose key British airport, Doncaster to close

Its first flight was to Palma and probably one of its last flights will be to the same destination as Doncaster (Sheffield) airport is to close. Owners Peel Group said the closure was due to a "fundamental lack of financial viability". Last week South Yorkshire's political leaders offered public money to keep the airport operating into 2023. But Peel Group said services at the airport, which... Read More

27 Sep 2022 02:00:00

Palma, the most expensive place to go food shopping in Spain

Palma has been voted the most expensive place in the country to go food shopping, according to the Consumer´s Association which also claimed that the price of 100 essential food, drink and hygiene products have risen by 95 percent in the space of a year. Part of the reason for Palma´s high food prices is that much is imported from the mainland and transport costs have risen as a result of... Read More

27 Sep 2022 01:05:00

Shop staff in Spain demanding massive 18 percent pay rise

Unions representing some of the 234,000 workers at large retailers in Spain such as Carrefour, IKEA and department store chain El Corte Ingles plan to demand pay raises of at least 18% to offset the effects of soaring inflation. The CCOO union, one of Spain's largest, said it will seek in the next round of negotiations starting in January clauses allowing revisions if inflation were to accelerate... Read More

27 Sep 2022 10:58:00

Pollensa opposition parties face possible legal action by Hotel Formentor owners

The three opposition parties at Pollensa town hall - Alternativa per Pollença, Junts Avançam and Podemos - are to present a motion at Thursday's council meeting which will demand that the owners of the Hotel Formentor (constituted as Inmobiliaria Formentor SAU) cease to exploit the car park by the beach and send all relevant financial information related to the car park to the town hall within... Read More

27 Sep 2022 10:51:00

Tenders for building work failing because of inflation

The builders association in the Balearics says that, so far this year, 57 tenders for public works have not been awarded because potential bidders were not prepared to accept the terms. The value of the works has not been acceptable as this has not taken account of the increased cost of materials. The association calculates that these lost works were for a total of 58.6 million euros. They... Read More

27 Sep 2022 09:59:00

Mallorca filming: decision to show all out war between Charles and Diana raises concerns at Palace

A decision by the producers of the hit Netflix series, The Crown, to show "all out war" between Prince Charles (now King Charles) and Princess Diana is raising concerns at Buckingham Palace, according to a report this morning in the Daily Telegraph. Parts of series 5 and series 6 of The Crown, dealing with the bitter divorce proceedings between the royal couple, have been filmed on the island... Read More

27 Sep 2022 09:55:00

When Prince Andrew was in Mallorca

Tumi Bestard, the former US consul in the Balearics, recalls the time when he met Prince Andrew in Mallorca. The prince was captaining a British navy ship and was in port with a US navy ship. Tumi Bestard went to greet the captain of the US ship and met Prince Andrew at the same time. "We hit it off. I invited him to dinner at the Porto Pi restaurant. He came alone. I was with my wife, Olga, and... Read More

27 Sep 2022 07:46:00

'Walking Dead' actor on holiday in Mallorca

Joe Ando-Hirsh, the American actor who played Rodney in 'The Walking Dead' television series, is currently on holiday in Mallorca with his girlfriend, British-South African model Niamh Adkins, and some friends. He has also appeared in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye', for which Jessica Chastain won best actress at this year's Oscars. On social media, he has been highlighting the beauty of Mallorca, the... Read More

27 Sep 2022 07:19:00

Court archives case of Mallorca woman who died following aesthetic surgery

The judge in Madrid who has been instructing investigations into the death of Silvia Idalia, who died after undergoing aesthetic surgery at the Ceme clinic in Madrid, has filed the case on a provisional basis. This still leaves the way open to a civil case. In the judge's opinion, the death of the 34-year-old woman, who lived in Palma, was not due to recklessness on behalf of doctors. The judge... Read More

27 Sep 2022 06:33:00